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The Totumo Handbag

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.”
-Wendell Berry

Crafted with the dried fruit of the Totumo or Calabash tree native to the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the must-have accessory in our Spring-Summer 2020 collection pays tribute to traditional artisanship and the very essence of nature.

This fascinating tree grows in the wild, the round fruit carefully hand-picked from its branches, meaning that no trees have to be cut down for the use of the Crescentia cujete—its scientific name . As a plus, the unique object has a natural shiny quality that means no chemicals are needed to give it a polished finish.

This season, we lined the inside of the object with leftover fabrics from the collection in an effort to reduce waste and repurpose. As a brand, taking care of the environment has been at the top of our priorities and we are constantly taking steps towards a more sustainable and conscious process.


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Totumo Handbag
Totumo Handbag
Totumo Handbag
Totumo Handbag

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